Why We Give

We believe giving to the church is an essential habit for Christians, both as a way of providing for the needs of others, and as a way to show gratitude to God for giving us everything we have! As for the church, God has always provided through the generous giving of its people.

Typically we refer to a “tithe” as giving ten percent of our income back go God, as an act of obedience and trust. Giving exactly 10% is not a strict rule, but it seems to be a fairly helpful guideline for what to give on a regular basis. God may call you to give more than 10% or less than 10%, but we believe it’s important to have a consistent amount that you give regularly to the church. We refer to an “offering” as any gift beyond our regular tithe, whether that is motivated by generosity, thankfulness, passion for the church’s work, a personal vow to God, or simply a prompting of the Holy Spirit.

How We Give

There are three ways to give here at CBC Mountain Lake:

In Person

CBC has boxes in the back of the sanctuary where you can place cash or checks before, during, or after Sunday worship. It is collected shortly after service every week.


Give using the Tithe.ly secure giving platform from a computer or smartphone. You can also text “GIVE” to (507) 222-0702.

Transaction and processing fees will be charged for online giving. You can choose to cover these fees with your donation by checking the box marked “Cover Fees” when entering donation info.

By Mail

Checks can be mailed to:

Community Bible Church

500 Klein St.

Mountain Lake, MN 56159